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Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan, 2017
M.S., Biology, San Francisco State University, 2011
B.S., Biology, Oregon State University, 2005


Postdoctoral Research Fellow: University of California, Berkeley, 2017-Current
Lecturer and Course Coordinator: Department of Biology, San Francisco State University, 2011


2017 – Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award: University of Michigan
2015 – Myron P. Backus Graduate Research Award: Mycological Society of America
2013 – Best Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award: Mycological Society of America
2010 – Distinguished Graduate Student Award: College of Science and Engineering, San Francisco State University


2017-2019 – NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology (PRFB): National Science Foundation
2016 – Helen Olson Brower Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Studies: Dept. of EEB, University of Michigan
2016 – NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG): National Science Foundation
2014 – Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant: Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan
2013-2015 – Dow Doctoral Sustainability Fellowship: Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute, University of Michigan
2012 – Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Block Grant for Research: University of Michigan
2009 – Robert M. Maxwell Graduate Scholarship: San Francisco State University
2008-2009 – NSF Graduate STEM Fellowship in K-12 Education (GK-12 Fellowship): National Science Foundation
2008 – Harry D. Thiers Graduate Scholarship: Mycological Society of San Francisco


2018 – Center for Population Biology Seminar: University of California, Davis, California, USA
2018 – Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Colloquium: San Francisco State University, California, USA
2018 – Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Biology Seminar: University of California, Berkeley, California, USA
2017 – Society for the Study of Evolution Spotlight Session: Sex in the Wild, Portland, Oregon, USA
2016 – Mycological Society of America Symposium on Population Genomics of Pathogenic Fungi, Berkeley, California, USA
2015 – Institute of Health and Biological Sciences: Universidade Federal de Alagoas, MaceiĆ³, Alagoas, Brazil
2014 – 10th International Mycological Congress Symposium on Fungal Diseases of Aquatic Animals, Bangkok, Thailand


2014-2016 – Graduate Student Representative: Education Committee, Mycological Society of America
2014-2015 – Steering Committee: 10th and 11th Annual Early Career Scientists Symposium, University of Michigan
2013-2015 – Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan
2013-2015 – Editorial Board Member: Michigan Journal of Sustainability
2013 – Session Chair: Fungal Genetics and Genomics, Mycological Society of America Annual Meeting: Austin, Texas
2010-2011 – Mycological Society of San Francisco Executive Council

Manuscript Reviewer for:
Molecular Ecology; Mycologia; Diseases of Aquatic Organisms; Transboundary and Emerging Diseases; PLoS ONE